Tablet and Computer Sync

Configuration Sync

  • Synchronization data from your mobile devices to your DigitalBeef® web portal and DigitalBeef® association member portal
  • Association portal sync available for affiliated associations.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • No internet connection required.
  • Bluetooth enabled cow-side recording of data.
  • Use EID readers and scale transmitters to transmit data to the app.
Offline Data Capture
easy data entry image

Easy Data-Entry

  • Simple manual inputting using predictive text, drop-down lists, and scrolling when not using electronic data collecting tools
  • Record all meaningful data points, including weights, health records, breeding comments, and sales
  • Track cattle movement and semen/embryo inventories all the way to the canister

Real-Time Reports

  • Daily Work Reports
  • Heat Summary
  • Health Reports
  • Pasture Statistics
  • ET Breeding Summary
  • Calving, Weaning, Yearling Reports
  • Animal performance reports
DigitalBeef CowSide Repoting Screenshot In Tablet

Access to the CowSide™ App is an added benefit for users of the Commercial and Registered Herd Management Editions.

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