Our easy-to-use, all-inclusive, software will make Swine association management more efficient, faster, more useful for and responsive to members.

Real-time online registry program

All data secured safely on cloud-based servers
Integrated product management reports on EPD’s, EPD mating predictors, DNA data and more key factors
Member-managed customer and sales functions
Tracks ownership, transfers, performance, association performance and more

Member Interfaces

  • Members input their own data, thereby reducing entry errors and time.
  • Members track their data on breeding, farrowing, animal performance, health records, animal movement among pens and more.

Staff Interfaces

  • Staff members access all Member Interface data and use member-search for records.
  • Staff members conduct duties for invoicing, credit-card business and merchant interfacing, accounting integration and more association business.
  • Staff members create, update, distribute and store association reports, mailing lists, and more management needs.

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