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Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Calving report history, active Dam and Sire reports
  • Weaning, yearling and ultrasound reports
  • Incomplete working and pending transaction lists
  • Custom report writer
  • Historical reports
  • Genetic Trend Graphs
  • Animal performance reports
  • Generate reports in PDF or Excel
DigitalBeef Reports Page
EPD/Genetics Search

Animal Performance Records

  • Contemporary group lists
  • Comprehensive EPDs

EPD Progeny Calculator

  • You can select multiple sires and the dams you wish to breed them with. We provide you with a prediction of their offspring based on their genetic traits.
EPD Progeny Calculator
bull-w-5-degree pedigree

5 Generation Pedigree

  • Genetic tracker for traits and defects

Member Benefits of Affiliated Breed Associations

  • Breed Association interface
  • Breed association trends
  • Partnership and Joint Venture lists
  • Data synchronizes straight to association registry
Tablet and Computer Sync
Inventory List

Animal Inventories

  • By type, sex, age
  • Quick Sire Lists and Al Sire Lists
  • Complete semen and embryo inventory, tank and canister
  • Complete animal legacy lists

Animal Tracking

  • By pasture, herd, pen
  • Breeding group tracking with start and end dates
  • Animal health tracking – vaccination history and treatments
Animal Search Screen
Marketplace Screen shot

Sales Tools

  • Build catalogs with pedigree and performance data
  • Consign animals to sales
  • Complete customer tracking and management
  • Customer Letters

Coming Soon! CowSide™ Mobile App

  • Offline Data Capture
  • Pairs via Bluetooth to Tru-Test and Allflex devices
  • Daily Work Reports
  • Automatically synchronizes data to your web portal
Guy Using Tablet In Field