“We certainly appreciate someone who ‘knows the biz’!”

Andrea Detweiler
-Percheron Horse Association of America

About Us

DigitalBeef® personnel have experience developing real-time internet data programs for the seed stock industry.

We at DigitalBeef® take our knowledge of these programs to assist the commercial cattlemen, backgrounder, feeder and beyond in your herd management needs. Performance data is essential in all the decision-making processes required to produce cattle, feed cattle and to market them efficiently.

DigitalBeef® has the management and expertise to manage cattle performance databases and to perform genetic analysis within and across herds and to provide these services to the industry in a cost-effective manner on a real-time basis.

Our mission is to provide real-time critical performance data to all beef cattle producers, including seed stock producers, commercial cattle producers and the commercial cattle feeding industry.

DigitalBeef® is currently assembling a team of industry experts that will move real time information cattle tracking data to the forefront of everyday use.

Doug Newcom of National Swine Registry recommended that we get in touch with your organization. Doug explained that, as the former CEO of the Brangus Association, you (Dr. Joe Massey, Founder and President of DigitalBeef®) have an intimate knowledge regarding the interactions between livestock registries and their administrators.

We certainly appreciate someone who ‘knows the biz’!

Andrea Detweiler

Percheron Horse Association of America

Our Brands

We are proud to offer products for producers and associations for a variety of breeds and species.

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder and CEO

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Dr. Joseph Massey is the Co-Founder of DigitalBeef, LLC® and serves as the CEO.

Dr. Massey has over 30 years of experience starting and retooling technology-based agriculture companies.

Dr. Massey founded Granada Genetics, an embryo transfer company, in the late 70’s that became one of the world largest suppliers of embryos and embryo transfer services.

Dr. Massey co-founded Genmark Inc., a DNA-based company that developed the first DNA parentage test for cattle and other animals which is still the basis of today’s parentage test.

Dr. Massey has also served 8 years with the International Brangus Breeders Association where he assisted in the restructure of the association and launched the Genetic Performance Solutions (GPS).

Dr. Massey can be reached via email at joemassey@digitalbeef.com.


Co-Founder, Senior Software Developer

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Jim is a Co-Founder of DigitalBeef, LLC® and serves as the head software developer.

Jim has extensive experience in the development of applications for a variety of businesses and industries.

Jim served as a senior programmer at Direct Hit Data and developed internet-based registry programs for breed associations.

Jim Bulger can be reached via email at jim@digitalbeef.com.


Director of Operations

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Jaye joined our team in August of 2016. Jaye received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

She has experience working in Advertising, Human Resources and Account Management. Jaye is working on business and product development as well as new marketing initiatives for DigitalBeef® and DigitalSwine©.

Email: jaye@digitalbeef.com.


Senior Software Developer

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Calvin joined our team in February of 2018. Calvin serves as one of our software developers and is the administrator of our client web portals.

Calvin is an avid video game player.

Email: calvin@digitalbeef.com.