DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager®

Herd Management Software

With our all-inclusive herd management software, we make your workday easier and more productive. Our goal is to help you make smart decisions with your herd using our tools that give you smart data.


Animal Records / Inventories

Comprehensive animal data – all crucial information at your fingertips

Animal Herd Inventory

DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager offers comprehensive Inventory View along with a top notch filtering system

  • By type, sex, age
  • Quick Sire Lists and Al Sire Lists
  • Filter by location, owner, breeding status, etc.
  • Complete animal legacy lists

Animal Record

Track your animal’s vital information and statistics in one place

  • Design your animal record view

5 Generation Pedigree

A trusted source for accurate genetic information

  • Genetic tracker for traits and defects

Animal Health History

Keep track of your animal’s history of treatments

  • Treatment inventory management
  • Treatment tracking and history

Animal Tracking / Performance Records

Stay informed – make smart decisions

  • By groups or pastures
  • Breeding group tracking with start and end dates
  • Contemporary group lists
  • Comprehensive EPDs
  • and more…

DigitalBeef CowCalf Manager™ Inventories


Record Embryo transfers and keep track of breeding data.


Keep track of AI breeding data and usage. Manage semen locations and tanks / canisters data.

Health Manager

Comprehensive Health Manager. Keep track of all active/inactive medication and treatment records.

Income / Expense

Keep track of all your expenditures and incomes in one place.

Pasture Manager

Keep track of animal movements. Rotate Bulls in and out. Track Pasture Events. 

Synchronization Planner

CowCalf Synchronization Planner will help you set up and follow an effective estrous synchronization protocol.

  • Stay current with you Synchronization products.
  • Syncronization planner with timelines and alerts
  • Easily apply syncronization products to groups of animals
  • Reference historical syncronization success

The Easiest Way to Work your Cattle – Cattle WorkCarts

CowCalf WorkCarts will help you set up and execute an effective workflow to work your cattle.

  • Preselect tasks to build a WorkCart
  • Save and reference for future data entry
  • Assign to users and add to their task list
  • Prepare and export Excel/PDF or print WorkSheets

Sales & Financial Tracking Tools

  • Manage sale groups
  • Sale income and expense tracking
  • Complete customer tracking and management

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

  • Calving report history, active Dam and Sire reports
  • Weaning, yearling and ultrasound reports
  • Custom report writer
  • Historical reports
  • Animal performance reports
  • Generate reports in PDF or Excel

Portal Customization

Complete control over crucial portal settings

  • User Management Permissions
  • Custom form options
  • Custom table filter and sort options
  • Design your animal record view
  • Define parameters for pairs, calves, breeding age and more
  • and more…

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